What is a Website Review?

Many companies created their websites several years ago. Over time, they may have made changes to improve appearance and add products and/or services. Some have even added blogs in order to improve SEO and traffic. Small business owners, however, don’t have the staff and rarely have the time or knowledge to perform a thorough of their sites with an eye toward incorporating the latest changes that will improve their sites.

If you do not have the time or expertise, EssaySupply.com has the pros to conduct a complete review and send to you actionable suggestions for improvement. If you like the changes, we can also insert them for you.

What Our Review Encompasses

These are the primary focus areas for our reviews.

  • Design: Is it appealing, well laid out, colorful but not gaudy? Are there places where additional media, animation, etc. could be added, or is there too much media?
  • Content: the actual textual content must be well-organized, easy to read, and divided into logical sections/pages. Search engines are looking for strong fresh content these days, and you need it!
  • Usability and Speed: Can a visitor navigate throughout your site with ease and speed? If not, it must be fixed.
  • Blog: If your site has a blog we will evaluate the content the same way search engines do, and make suggestions for improvement of future posts. If you do not have a blog, we can assist you in setting one up and give you a quick course in its use and purpose.

Result of a Good Review from EssaySupply.com

The goals are always to increase traffic, improve visitor experience, and, perhaps most important, to move the client up in search engine rankings. All of the suggestions we make will address these goals and ultimately grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.