Web Content Can Attract or Repel

There are many ways in which a website developer can add attention-getting “bells and whistles” to a website. These nifty features can be a great asset, as they certainly make a visitor take notice. However, these techniques only draw visitors in. They don't make them stay. What makes visitors stay, and return, is well written and compelling web content.

What is Web Content?

Web content is simply the written text on a website. Web Content includes all of the following and then some:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Terms of Service
  • Company History
  • Descriptions of Products and Services
  • Landing Pages
  • Company Profiles
  • Success Stories, Anecdotes, and Customer Testimonials

In other words, web content is what your customers want to read, in order to learn more about you, your products/services, and why they should become customers.

What Makes Good Web Content?

When customers visit your website, they want information quickly. They don't want to read through blocks of text. For this reason, a skilled web content writer knows how to utilize headings, bullet points, sub-titles, and numbered lists in order to make the most important data pop out. In addition to this, good web content is written using correct grammar and punctuation, and the writer avoids repetitiveness and wordiness.

Why EssaySupply.com is Your Best Source for Web Content

Our staff writers are all native English speakers with years of creative writing experience. They are eager to work with you to turn your words and ideas into website content that will impress both your existing and future customer base. Of course, our writers don't solely focus on new web content. They will gladly review your existing web content and help you make revisions until your website is user friendly and informative.

Let's Get Started!

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