Univerbs.com is hiring the best experts in the content writing field. Look through the open job opportunities and apply. Send you CV to our email and wait for the reply from our HR department.

Contract Writer

Univerbs is a team of experts with a focus on offering top-notch content services that can actually drive sales to our customers. We are currently looking for a contract writer with experience in the task to help our colleagues deliver high-quality content pieces to our ever-growing list of clients. 

We are a team of fun-loving and work-hard-play-hard people, and we would love to have you on our team! We love what we are doing, and we always strive to make writing a comfortable experience for all of our colleagues. You will be working remotely with our experts, and you will be able to set up your own work schedule. You will also receive your payments promptly and rapidly.

Your responsibilities:

  • Write high-quality content pieces about a wide range of topics provided by our clients. You are expected to do in-depth research about the subject matter to create factual and informational content pieces.

  • Skillfully create content in various formats such as website copies, blog posts, video scripts, etc. 

  • Confidently manage projects and coordinate with the other team members to deliver results.

  • Align your writing tones with the values and the tone of the client to produce the most appropriate writing copies.

  • Brainstorm audience’ insights to help yourself and your colleagues reach out to the potential audience. 

What we expect from you: 

  • Professional writing skills with a zero-tolerance policy for writing errors 

  • The capability to handle many subject matters, which sometimes do not share many relations with one another.

  • Good communication skills, especially through online means of communication 

  • Good teamwork and a team-player spirit

  • Good research skills and the ability to process difficult topics

  • A strong desire to learn about content writing and what makes people interested in your content 

How to apply

Please send your application directly to us, along with the following documents:

  • Your cover letter 

  • 2-3 writing samples

  • Your most recent resume


Technical Content Writer

Univerbs is a team of content experts who strive to provide the best writing services to a wide range of customers. We are looking for a dedicated technical content writer whose main task is to create engaging and informative technical content for our blog posts, ads, social media posts, etc. The perfect candidate should be someone who possesses in-depth knowledge of technical subject matters. You should also possess good working knowledge of SEO techniques. 

At Univerbs, we believe in teamwork and in you. We believe in mutual growth, and we want every member of our team to feel comfortable while working with us. That is why we offer flexible working schedules as well as a remote working option. You will also be working with a team of like-minded experts who will gladly share what they know with you. 

Your responsibilities:

  • Write in-depth and informative content pieces about industry-related topics 

  • Work with the other members of the team to come up with the best content strategy for new products or new topics 

  • Develop monthly content strategies and content pillars

  • Help the marketing team to develop new content during advertising campaigns

  • Edit and proofread existing content pieces to ensure high readability

  • Conduct in-depth keyword research to optimize new content pieces and drive traffic back to our clients’ website 

What we are looking for in our candidates:

  • Experience in writing in-depth and informative content pieces

  • A good understanding of difficult technical subject matters

  • Top-notch project management skills 

  • A team-player spirit 

  • A good eye for details 

To apply:

send us your application, which should include the following documents:

  • Your most recent resume detailing your past work experience

  • A personalized cover letter detailing your experience and why you are the perfect candidate for the job

  • 2-3 writing samples that best describe your writing style as well as your comprehension of difficult and complex subject matters 


Univerbs is a professional content service provider with a proven track record and a dedicated team of experts. We provide high-quality content tailored to the needs of different businesses to help drive traffic to their website and improve the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. We are looking for an editor to help us proofread content pieces and make any necessary edits. Aside from editing content pieces, you will also be asked to help the team develop a content plan or a content strategy for specific clients. 

We at Univerbs are firm believers in mutual growth. We strongly believe that our colleagues should grow as our firm expands, and we are always striving to create a safe and comfortable environment where you can nurture your talents with like-minded experts. You will be able to enjoy your own working schedule and a freelance working style. Our team will conduct meetings and brainstorming sessions through online means of communication. 

Your main responsibilities:

  • Edit and proofread existing content pieces as well as new pieces produced by other writers 

  • Provide accurate and objective assessments on writers’ capability and writing skills

  • Provide valuable and constructive feedback that will help writers to improve their skills in the long run

  • Act as a liaison between the company and the writers

  • Manage writing projects and produce valuable feedback to clients when necessary 

  • Assist the marketing department when there are advertising campaigns 

What we are looking for in our candidates:

  • A meticulous eye for details

  • A zero-tolerance policy against grammatical errors 

  • A strong grasp of English grammar and syntax 

  • A good assessment capability 

  • Management skills 

  • Communication skills, especially over online platforms 

If you think you are the perfect candidate, send us your application, along with the following documents:

  • Your most recent resume detailing relevant work experience 

  • A customized cover letter detailing why you are the perfect candidate

  • 2-3 writing samples that showcase your own capability