Terms ofUse

We are publishing these terms of use to state, demystify the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved in the use of the Univerbs.com, its products, and services. Outlined are the conditions that apply to customers, employees, agents, associates, owners, and others. All parties engaging Univerbs.com in any form or relationship are bound to refer to this document. It includes engagement with our social media pages, reads of the materials we publish, downloads from our site, or voluntary engagement with us. If you are unable to understand and abide by these terms and conditions, you are requested to leave the website and avoid further engagements with anything associated with Univerbs, its employees, associates, and all.

Ownership of Materials Intellectual Property and Copyright Protections

Ownership terms on our website dictate that the ownership changes from the website to the client once the client receives and accepts documents and files. Once they are distributed, published, or altered as the client deems fit, they belong entirely to the client. If a client provides us, or any employee with any documents, the client retains full control and ownership of these. It also applies to files, videos, transcripts, images, photographs, etc. All documents and files provided to us will be deleted once we are finished, as stated in our contract with the customer.

Making Payments

Univerbs operates by holding deposit funds, used and released under the current Terms. The deposit funds are provided to deliver, hold, and receive payment from a client for a delivered service. 

When a Client pays a Freelancer for a Service or when funds connected with delivering a Service are otherwise issued to a Freelancer Univerbs will credit the Freelancer account for the full cost of services to be delivered. Univerbs develops, maintains and supports its vast network of freelancers worldwide directly and also via partner companies. 

As soon as Client hires a Freelancer, they are obligated to fund deposit. The amount is kept on deposit until the completed project is accepted by the Client. Upon the Client’s confirmation on the service(s) proper delivery, the amount is forwarded to the Freelancer’s account. 
The client agrees and acknowledges that failure to provide the amount for deposit leads to the decline of services delivery by Freelancer.

For inclusivity and convenience, we accept multiple forms of payment. Debit and credit card payments are processed via a third party that uses SSL among other technologies for the protection of the customer data. We have taken all measures, and reasonable steps to make sure that our customers’ data is safe. 

Using Univerbs, you agree and acknowledge that Univerbs acts as a mediator, and is not a bank. Any services offered and delivered by Univerbs cannot be considered banking services.

Revision and Refund Requests

Based on our money-back guarantee policy, we may issue refunds at your request. We may agree to revise content similarly. More details on this are available through our money-back guarantee policy that can be found on this website. All refund requests must be submitted to us not later than 14 days upon completion and submission of work to the client.


At our sole discretion, Univerbs may offer discounts to clients. Further information can be obtained in our discount policy document. Further, we may choose to offer discount to a specific customer on a specific project.

Contracts and Work Agreements

Our engagement with customers who decide to contract with us for services will have their services delivered following this page and the other policy pages published on this website. However, under special circumstances, we may enter into agreements that have specified terms, different from the policies on this page. It is done on a case by case basis, and a binding contract will be signed by all parties involved documenting the terms of the specific condition.

In the event of a dispute, policies will be enforced with the following:

  • The terms and conditions outlined in the contract or work order.
  • The policy page and other policy pages found on this website.
  • Standard business practices

Any applicable state laws and regulations will govern should there be a conflict in terms and laws.

Using the Univerbs Website

Integrity is one of our core values, and we have established rights and responsibilities for anyone using our website, landing pages, or social media pages to protect the privacy and safety of both Univerbs.com and any visitors. They are addressed below.

All content published on Univerbs.com is the sole property of Univerbs.com. All content distributed via email or message or posted to our social media pages. We do not permit the content to be reprinted, distributed, or published.

All content provided on Univerbs is for informational and entertaining purposes. There are no warranties or guarantees concerning any advice or suggestions published here, given that we have no way of knowing the individual needs of everyone consuming our content. We accept no liability for any loss or damage that could result from the choice of any visitor to use the information herein provided.

Content from Third Parties

We reserve the right to publish content from third parties. It may be from advertisers, customers, or professional writers. Our publication of such content does not in any way suggest that we endorse their content; thus, we will not be held liable for the content published by third parties. It is the responsibility of the reader to discern the accuracy and validity of any third-party content published in this website.

We reserve the right to modify content submitted to us as we see it fit, publish it on our website, social media pages, and landing pages. Additionally, any content submitted to us may not be published elsewhere without our express consent.


It goes against our policy to publish identifying information about our clients, employees, contractors, or other associates. Similarly, we prohibit clients from posting any information identifying themselves or others.

We have taken steps to ensure that our website is protected from viruses, trojan horses, or other intrusive mechanisms. However, we will not be held liable for any loss of personal or financial information as there is a risk of intrusion or loss of data even with diligent efforts.

Safe Use of Our Website

Any visitor of to website takes full responsibility for the use of our website and all the effects of use. Any visitors who see anything worth raising the alarm for are encouraged to report that to us immediately for intervention. All users are expected to use standard internet safety procedures, including using antivirus software and being careful when clicking links.

Changes to This Policy

It is our supreme privilege and right to change this policy at any time for any reason without prior notification. All visitors are expected to understand and abide by the terms and conditions stated here.