Privacy Policy

We are a platform that provides content services. The services we offer are described in detail on our home page, and services pages.

We are providing this privacy policy to detail our collection, use, and storage of personal data that we may collect. This includes personal information, and any content that may be uploaded or provided to us using other means.

In this document, we may use terms like personal data or personal information interchangeably. These refer to any identifying information or information that may be associated with an identified person.

Please read the rest of this document. It is written to help you better understand our policies as they relate to personal information. This policy applies to site visitors, customers, contractors, and anyone who submits personal information or other identifying content using any means.

Updates to This Privacy Policy

We may need to update this policy from time to time. In order to ensure that you have read the latest version, please review this document when requesting our services, or using this website. We will make every effort to communicate when changes have been made by posting a version date at the top of this document.

If the changes we make are significant, we may send out an email, or publish a notice on our home page. This is at our discretion, and it does not remove your obligation to ensure that you are familiar with this policy. Reviewing the document is your only way of knowing that there have been no changes.

Customer Provided Information

Here are the cases in which you may share personal data with us:

Submitting a project where you will provide your contact information, name of your company, etc. You may also create a customer account that includes your username and password. Depending on the nature of your project, you may provide the website name of your business and other data.

Communicating with us generally involves sharing your name and contact information. This may be done even if you are not a customer or client.

If you submit an application to work with us in any capacity, we will collect and retain any information provided in your resume. If you do apply for employment, please limit the information you submit to what is relevant for a job application. Do not share physical attributes, religious or political associations, or financial data.

If you submit content to us for any reason, we collect your personal information as a way to identify you as the person who submitted that content. We may use contact information to communicate with you about the content, or to pay you if that has been agreed on. We do not provide payment or reimbursement for unsolicited material.

Information Collected by Us

We may collect certain information from visitors automatically, including device type or IP address. We collect this information and use it to improve our website performance, troubleshoot technical issues, and improve our services. We also collect and store non-identifying aggregate data and information about the use of our site. This is solely for analytical purposes, we may share this information with third parties. This is done at our discretion, and does not require consent.

The third party services we work with may use images, scripts, and web beacons to help them provide services to us. This is gathers non identifying information that cannot be connected to any user’s personal data.

Profiling And Automated Responses

We use profiling and automated decision making technology as part of our management of employment and contract relationships. We also use these technologies to provide automated responses to some customer support questions. These decisions are based on constantly changing algorithms.

Your Data Privacy Rights

You are the owner of your personal information, and as such have certain rights regarding the information we collect and store about you. These include:

  • Requesting access to your information.

  • Requesting that we delete all or part of your information. This will be done when holding that information is no longer required, or you withdraw consent you have given to process your data.

  • Demanding that any mistakes in your personal information be fixed immediately.

  • Requesting your information be given to you, or sent to a third party on your behalf. This will only be done if it is possible to do so without compromising the data privacy of others.

  • Communicating concerns or complaints about our handling of your personal information.

You may withdraw your permission to process or use your personal data at any time. However, any use of your data prior to that request is lawful and complies with regulations.

Please contact customer support with any additional questions or concerns about this privacy policy.