It is our policy to be transparent with users, relative to how we track their access and use of our site. One of our tracking features is the use of cookies.

So, we want to explain exactly what cookies are and how we track them. We also want you to know that when you access our site, you will be informed that we use cookies and have the choice to opt out of them. But please read this information before you do opt out.

Defining Cookies

These are tiny files that are stored on any device you use to access a website. The purpose is that, should you return to a website, you will be “remembered,” and that often speeds up the process of navigating around.

To remember you, we do collect a bit of information.

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies to make your experience better on our site. To do that, here is the information we collect:

  • We store your sign-in information saving you time when you return

  • Based upon where you have been before, we will present you with information and content that may interest you.

  • You may also be presented with third-party approved advertisers and/or recommendations based on your previous activity on our site.

We also use beacons. These are embedded within the pages you access. They do not collect personal information about you. They are there to calculate an aggregation of how long visitors stay on our pages and what pages are most and least popular. This gives us information to improve our site pages. 

First- and Third-Party Cookies

First party cookies are those that we put on your device. But, if you should access any other sites from our website, there will be third-party cookies placed by that site. Those cookies do not have access to our cookies – they are fully separate. Another type of third-party cookies will be placed by our contracted services vendors, such as companies that analyze traffic, time spent, etc. and report that activity to us in aggregate form.

Types of Cookies We Use

There are three types of cookies we use:

  1. Essential Cookies: These store information that will automatically log you in when you return, let you check on your orders, etc. You can choose to block cookies, but your return visits will entail more work.

  2. Third-Party Cookies: These were explained above. 

  3. Performance Cookies: These will track user activity and behavior on our site, and they let us collect information that will drive how we change/improve our site.

Advertisers’ Cookies

We will present advertisers to you if your activity on our site tells us that their products or services would be of interest. If you do access sites of our advertisers, expect them to have cookies too. Again, you can opt out of their cookies if you wish.

You should understand that advertising on our site brings in revenue to our company. This means that our fees are less, saving you money.

We Don’t Collect Your Personal Information through Cookies

The only time that we ask you for personal/financial information is when you place an order. Our cookies do not collect or store that personal information. Site advertisers and third-party contractors never have access to your information. 

Cookies and Social Media Use

You may see our advertisements on your social media pages. This is because we use a pixel that transferred to those platforms. When they determine that you have accessed our site, they may present advertisements that we have purchased for that purpose.

You are Always in Control

You have an option to block cookies when you arrive on our site. You can also delete cookies from your browser after the fact, by following the instructions on your browser. But we repeat – if you do this, you will not have as good experience when you return.


If there is any part of this policy that you do not understand, please get in touch with us, so that we can explain it better.

Modifications to This Policy

We do have the right to change/modify this policy. If that happens, we will place notifications on our site, including the changes we have made.