Cookie Policy

How Cookies Are Used on Our Website

Our goal is to create a website experience that benefits you. When you come to our website, we will send a cookie to your device through our web server. This is a small file that contains information we use in order to provide the best possible experience. It allows us to do things such as remembering who you are and the details of your last order.

You should also know that if you click on a link that takes you from our site to an external web page, that third party is also likely to send a cookie to your device. Please keep in mind that we cannot control how third-parties use cookies.

Understanding The Different Types of Cookies

Session Cookie — This cookie is only active while your current internet session is active. These cookies are deleted when you close out of your browser session or clear your browsing data.

Stand-Alone Cookie — This doesn’t collect or store personal data. Instead, they help us recognize your browser. We can only collect or store information that you provide to us voluntarily. You may do this by creating an account, sending us information to qualify for an offer, or otherwise contacting us.

Persistent Cookie — This is a cookie that stays on your device even if you restart it or close down your internet session.

How we Use These Cookies

We use session cookies to remember who you are when you are signed in to your customer account. This makes it easier to process transactions, act on your requests, and respond to your inquiries. It also helps us recognize that you are actually the person who should be using your account.

We are very careful in our use of persistent cookies. They are not used to store any sensitive or secure data.

As you likely know already, you are free to delete or block cookies. Your browser help content will provide instructions for doing that. If you do this, you may be able to use our website. However, it could impact how well our site works for you. We use cookies to create a better experience, allowing you to get the best out of our site.

How we Use Information we Collect

We collect and store information from you to provide the services you request. We also use your information to better market our products, reach out to potential employees, and create a better website experience.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown:

Customer Data

  • Creating and maintaining your customer account

  • Invoicing and processing payments

  • Fulfilling your orders and completing your projects

  • Informing you of relevant products and services

Website Users

  • Maintaining and updating website security

  • Monitoring the use of our website. Improving website experience, troubleshooting problems, and ensuring sound performance.

  • Recommending valid products and services.

  • Ensuring that any advertisements served are relevant.

Content Creators And Other Professionals

  • Communicating about projects

  • Ensuring they can deliver your products and services

  • Providing access for professionals to successfully complete their projects

Sharing Your Data

We work with various business associates, vendors, and contractors. Thanks to these partnerships, we are better able to meet customer demands. These partnerships include our web hosting service, IT contractors, and others.

We may also contract out with providers to monitor our site or provide services directly to our customers. In order to do this, we may give these third parties your information.

Likewise, if we ever buy or sell our business assets, we will provide your information to that party if they need it to continue offering you service. Finally, we will share information if we are legally obligated to do so. This includes sharing data as a means to protect ourselves and others from risk and liability.

Data Storage

We may store data in the USA, Canada, or Europe. This data may also be transmitted between these locations and others. Please feel free to contact customer support for information on our methods of transmitting data and ensuring it is secured.

Retention of Data

Our data retention policy depends on the type of data and how that information is used. As a general rule, we store your information until we do not need it any further and are not legally obligated to keep it.