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Think about the multiple needs you have for content. You have a website; you have a blog; you have a social media presence; you have advertising to produce; you may want press releases. You also want to ensure that your content is maximized for SEO.

And at the same time, you are running a business, with all of the tasks and responsibilities that are involved there. 

Why Content is Critical

You can have the best product or service on the planet. But if no one finds you, and no one has information that is key to making purchasing decision, your best product or service just languishes out there with no interest.

The other factor here is that there is an ocean of content out there – some great, some good, some bad – all vying for the attention of consumers. Your content has to grab attention in this competitive environment. In short, it has to be found (SEO), it has to be engaging, and it has to entertain and inspire.

This is a mission impossible. 

What Consumers Demand Today

If you intend to attract attention and have your content read/viewed and indexed by search engines, it has to be unique; it has to appeal to the pain points and needs of your target audience. This takes research and creativity in content presentation – lots of creativity.

No consumer wants to be “sold.” He wants to see value, and he wants to know, through your content, that he is valued as well. Content that resonates with today’s consumer is focused on him, not on you and your products or services. And he wants content that is easily and quickly consumed, not walls of text that are really overwhelming for anyone “on the go.” An explainer or a “how to” video, for example, will appeal far more than a long textual piece. And if a textual piece is presented it must be broken up, so that it is “snackable.” 

Again, this is a mission impossible.

When You Need Content Writing Expertise

No matter what your industry or niche, and no matter what your content need may be, Univerbs.com has the perfect freelance writer for you.

First, let us explain our process for registration of content writers with our company.

  1. We have a rigorous screening process, when a freelancer wants to “hang his/her shingle” on our site. We require documentation of educational background; we also require that they submit samples of their work in the specific content writing services we offer.
  2. We also provide a topic for which they must prepare an original piece in the writing area(s) they wish to promote on our site.

When a writer is accepted by us, you can be certain that he is a seasoned professional who has met our strict standards.

The Process for Finding Your Perfect Content Writer

You can post your need on our site, and you will be presented with a number of professionals who can meet that need. You can interview them, check their profiles and backgrounds, review their samples, and ultimately decide on one that is a “fit.”

You provide the details to your writer, set up communication with him or her, receive drafts for approval, and ultimately, your payment is released to that writer once you are satisfied.

It’s easy, streamlined, and guarantees that you are happy with what you receive. Whether you need a single blog post or several, social media posts, website content, product descriptions, a review of your own content for SEO, press releases, or any type of advertising content, you will find what you want right here.