Why You Need a Variety of Content to Reach Your Audience

Content variety content

Take a moment to look up your favorite chain restaurant or soft drink company online. Chances are, it won’t take you long to find that brand’s website and social media pages. You’ll also find lots of content. Look a bit closer, and you’ll see that content is quite varied. A popular brand might have blog posts on its website, video content on YouTube, updates and commentary on current news, photos of their products on Instagram, and more. There’s a good reason for this. Keep reading to learn why. 

Varied Content Reaches Customers Across The Sales Funnel

The term sales funnel is used to describe the different stages the customer is at as they get to know your brand, consider your products and services, and eventually consider making a purchase. As customers are at different stages in the sales funnel, they need different information from you. 

That’s one of the reasons you need a variety of content for your audience. One potential customer might want to know more about how your business operates, your ethics, and whether or not they want to do business with you. Another customer may be interested in reading product descriptions or watching your demo videos. With the help of freelance content creators, you can offer that variety of content.

You Can Reach Different Customer Personas 

In addition to considering where customers are in the sales funnel, you also have to consider different customer personas. For example, if you have your customers segmented by demographic information, you may find that some prefer visual content on platforms like Instagram while others prefer text-based content that’s more appropriate for your blog.

Customers Respond Differently to Different Content Formats

In addition to having preferences based on customer segments, different people are better reached with different content formats. For example, some people are visual learners, others are auditory learners, and some retain information better through videos or podcasts. In addition to this, one of the key goals of content marketing is making an emotional connection with your audience. Just like people retain information better with different types of content, it also takes different types of content to make an emotional connection.

How do You Offer a Variety of Content

Now that you know that you should be producing a variety of content to appeal to your target audience, you have to determine how to make that happen. That’s pretty intimidating unless you break things down into something manageable. 

First, think of your own expertise and your voice. Your audience wants to know what you have to say. So, it’s a good idea to create some of your own content. This doesn’t need to be complicated. You can share  your thoughts on Twitter, or blogs. Some people prefer using video.

The next step is to determine how to make your content offerings more robust. This is where things can get complicated. Many business professionals don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to create text-based and visual content in order to meet their customer’s needs and expectations. That’s why they rely on the services of professional freelancers.