What to Include in Your Freelance Writer’s Profile

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As a freelance writer, you likely have a portfolio and resume online. You might even have your own website. That’s great, but sometimes a customer who needs content quickly simply doesn’t have time to do that much research. This is where a writer’s profile can really come in handy. Here are some great tips for making yours as attractive as possible.

What is a Writer’s Profile?

A writer’s profile is a brief but catchy blurb that you write to show potential customers what you can do, your areas of expertise and experience. You can also use your profile to show a bit of personality.  Potential clients will review your profile on the writing platform. Then, they’ll use it to decide if they want to consider you for writing projects.

Lead Off With Something Amazing

The first sentence of your profile is the most important. Start with something big. Think of qualification or accomplishment that will immediately earn you further consideration. Perhaps you are a certified SEO expert. Maybe you’re the best qualified to tackle any job involving Adobe Studios. The ideal leading sentence will combine what you have to offer with your target client’s needs.

Quantify Quantify Quantify

Remember that many of your potential clients are going to be marketers and small business owners. These are people who love data. Don’t just make claims about your talents, back them up with numbers. Instead of writing that you are a talented web content writer, say that you have ten years of experience writing web content. Don’t mention that you helped a small business owner increase traffic to their website, say that their traffic increased by 15%.

Edit Carefully

Remember that you are trying to land writing jobs. Your audience is going to be very picky, and they are going to notice any mistakes that you make. Don’t rely on your word processor’s spell checker. Double-check your writing yourself. Make sure you haven’t left any embarrassing mistakes.

Share Your Industry Expertise

Many people want to work with writers who have experience in specific industries. If you have deep experience in a specific niche, mention that. For example, if you have created plenty of content related to CBD products or cryptocurrency, that’s definitely worth mentioning in your profile.

Don’t Use Weak Words

Your profile should be a strong and confident paragraph that tells your audience exactly what you can do, and how well you can do it. Avoid words and phrases that detract from that, and make you sound unsure.  These include:

  • I think/I believe

  • Really

  • Kind of

  • A little

  • I think

  • Mostly

  • Just 

  • Probably

If you are tempted to use these words and phrases to avoid sounding too ‘cocky’, stop that. Own your talents, and put yourself out there. Nobody wants to hire a writer who isn’t confident about their own abilities.

Final Thoughts

Bookmark this page and use it as a reference when you create your writer’s profile. This will be your first point of contact with potential clients. It’s imperative that yours helps you to attract new customers.