7 Effective Time Management Tips For Everyone

7 Effective Time Management Tips For Everyone

How do you know if you have a time management problem? Take a quick look at our checklist. If any of these are painfully familiar, you may need some assistance.

  • Your performance has been slipping.

  • Too many nights spent rushing to complete things at the last minute.

  • You’ve frustrated your partner/colleagues 

  • You keep asking for deadline extensions.

  • You don’t have enough time for self-care.

  • You feel guilty over the amount of time you spend on time-wasting activities.

  • You don’t get enough sleep.

  • You feel chronically tired or wired.

  • Your anxiety is through the roof.

Good news! If time management is your issue, these tips will help.

Limit Your Time on Social Media

You may be one of the rare people who limits their time on social media, and absolutely never loses more than an hour a day scrolling your newsfeed. You also may be one of the lucky folks who never get too focused on engaging with friends and followers.

If so, this tip is for everybody else. We won’t say you should never go on social media. It’s just that you need to set some limits for yourself. There are apps that will block you out of social media pages temporarily. You can also set a timer, then cut yourself off. Whatever you do, controlling this use of your time will give you more time to use for more productive things.

Spend Time Organizing Each Day

You know what is a real time-waster? Wasting several minutes each day finding things that are buried in clutter. This includes digital clutter as well! Instead of waiting until you are dealing with:


  • Random documents and pictures saved to your phone and laptop.

  • Unread emails.

  • Disorganized notes.

  • A messy car.

  • Calls you haven’t returned.

  • Chores you’ve ignored or forgotten.

Block out 20 minutes or so each day to go through things, pitch what you don’t need, and put the rest away in a place that makes sense. Try to find an organizational method that works for, and stick to that system.

Make a Schedule And Stick with It

Speaking of sticking with things, your schedule should be a point of consistency as well. The truth is, as much as we think we like spontaneity, we’re happier and healthier sticking with a schedule. You’re also much less likely to forget tasks or get carried away with something to the point that you don’t have time to do other things.

Remember, you don’t have to plan things down to the minute. Simply waking up and going to sleep at the same time, and setting a specific time to work and study will really help. We also recommend making time for exercise, self-care, and pursuing interests.

When you designate time to do something, you are telling yourself it’s important.

Use Technology to Help You Out

It may seem as if your smartphone contributes to your time management struggles. This may be true, but it can also help you to get back on track as well. Take a look around Google Play or the app store. There are loads of great apps to help you keep track of your to-do lists, schedule items in your calendar, even set timers to force yourself to stay on track. 

Try a pomodoro or tomato timer app. This is a great tool for helping you get through intense sessions without burning out.

Marie Kondo Your Schedule

Does it bring you joy? Then why are you doing it? 

Okay, you can’t get rid of every activity that’s not enjoyable to you. Still, you can take a page from Kondo’s book when you decide how to spend your time. If a task doesn’t help you learn, bring joy to your life, or earn money, reconsider it! You might find that you are doing a lot of needless, wheel-spinning tasks simply out of habit.

Maybe you remember the movie Office Space? Every day, someone was responsible for printing out the TPS reports. Nobody needed those reports. Nobody used them. In spite of that, the task was on a daily schedule. Take a look at what keeps you busy, then get rid of your TPS reports.

Schedule Time For Yourself

If you have read this far, it may seem as if your schedule must be busy and productive all the time. This is simply untrue. In fact, that’s a bad idea that can lead to burn out! It’s imperative that you deliberately add time to your schedule for self-care, relationships, interests, and simply having fun. This adds the balance to your life that will help prevent your sinking back into poor habits again.

Reprioritize From Time to Time

One last thing! Time management is ongoing. Your priorities and schedule should change as your life does. Every so often, put on the brakes. Take a look at how you are spending your time. Does it align with your goals? If something has changed, your approach to time management should as well.

Final Thoughts

What do you do to make the best  use of your time? The time management tips here should help you stay on the right track in school, at work, even during your rec time. Apply a few to your life, and see what you can accomplish