Here you’ll find some tips on content writing, advice from experienced freelancers, and get a chance to peek into what a day of a freelancer in our team is like.

Why You Need a Variety of Content to Reach Your Audience
Content variety content

If you look at what popular brands and people post on their website, blogs, and social media, you'll notice that the content isn't really duplicate. And there is a reason.

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What to Include in Your Freelance Writer’s Profile
Content freelance writers

Your portfolio is your best advertising card that immediately shows the areas of your expertise and your experience to a potential employer. Yet, sometimes less is more. And that's why a writer's profile can come in handy.

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You’ve Hired a Freelance Writer: Now What?
Content hired freelance

Finding a freelancer who is willing to meet your requirements isn't an easy task to do on its own. Eventually you've done it! Now, how to get the most out of your cooperation?

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