About Us

Univerbs office reception

At Univerbs, we stick to what we preach. Our freelancers do come from the fields we advertise, and they indeed do the work themselves. Having one person do the research, and the writing for you give the best possible quality, as well as the cohesion of content that no other agency can match. For this reason, we can offer a variety of forms and specialization fields without compromising the quality we offer. 

Who Are We? 

We are a team of motivated individuals with strong personal interests and highly specialized focal points. We aim to deliver what you ask for - a no-hassle experience with content that is delivered when you ask for it. We understand that your needs are individual and specific to you - this is why we assign you a single writer at a time. If you need more, we are there for you. If you want to try a few writers and then decide, we are still there for you. 

Our team is varied but highly trained. As it is known, bringing people from different areas of life is not easy, but we’ve managed to do an outstanding job. From info-stripping professionals and content writers to Excel experts for all your detailed analysis and linguists to tie it all up, we’ve got you covered. 

Our Mission

We are there to listen to your needs and to provide what you ask for. As we grow, we expand both in the fields we work in already and plan for expansion into new fields and spheres of content writing. This is a difficult task, as finding experts is not an easy task. But we are up to it, and we work hard on our way to becoming a recognizable name in the niche.  

We offer several kinds of services suited for both individual and commercial needs. If you are a student trying to skyrocket your startup blog or an enterprise, our streamlined ordering process and a highly-trained team of professional writers are there for you. We provide the following types of content: 

  • Blog Content: perfect for your blog to find its way to the top among 6 million other blog pages. SEO optimization, NLP content formation, and internal cohesion for a great UE are our top priorities. 
  • Copywriting: making a sales copy has become a need. The quality of the product is not the sole determiner of your success. With our detailed analysis of your target audience and linguistic tuning, you are sure to see increased conversion and a better client retention rate. 
  • Long Form: for all enthusiasts out there, long-form articles are our specialty. Comparison, explanatory, and introductory long-form blogs written by us will boost your SE Rankings. 
  • Social Media: the shortest of all - the easiest to digest - it takes the most time to research and plan. Leave the bothersome task to our professionals. 
  • Other Content Type: whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for more information. 

We Are Here For You 

Finding a good content agency to work with can be a bothersome task. A large number of testimonials say that your journey ends here. Blog posts, general content, copywriting, and social media content all come together at Univerbs. Choose our educated, specialized professionals and see how your page blossoms. As always, we are here to offer revisions as well, for as long as it takes for you to hold in your hands what you’ve asked for.